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    Knowing by Subtracting (a post about math?)

    Hello Anatomy of Marriage followers! Several weeks ago, we put a call out to you, asking if you had any blog posts that you had written that would be helpful to our audience. Several of you responded, including Otis from Finding Otis, check out his blog HERE!  Thank you for letting us share your work, Otis! Enjoy the post, everyone, and check out the other posts on his blog when you have read this one. Knowing by Subtracting (a post about math?) Posted on July 13, 2017by Finding Otis The language we use is important. It’s the difference between communicating the intricacies and weathered history of a term of endearment and referring…

  • aomteam

    9 Years and Change

    Hey AOMers, It’s Kenon here… No, I’m not Seth or Melanie, but give me a chance. 🙂 I’m one of the faces you can see on over at the Meet the Team page, and one of the guest bloggers you’ll randomly see pop up. This isn’t my first foray into the blogosphere (Is that term a thing still?). I had a short stint circa 2008 running a blog for my church’s college-age group, called TheRatCage. R.A.T. stood for Real. Authentic. and Transparent. Nice… One of these RatCage posts, I made before I got married, on what marriage might symbolize. Basically, I boiled it down to this: The man can be…

  • Studley Thoughts

    Our Mess

    Yes, I agree with you, it is SUPER WEIRD that we have a picture of Seth with a black eye, but… we were trying to get into shape and Seth wanted to take “before” pictures, so that is why we have this photo!   We do NOT support domestic violence in any way whatsoever, but we have gone through it and we understand the complexity of domestic violence both from the side of the victim and from the side of the perpetrator. Listen to our episode Hide The Guns to learn more about what happened to us and what we did to get through it together. If you or someone…