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    Sexual Shaming In Church – With Helen Loewen

    Today’s blog post comes from one of our listeners! Thank you to Helen, for sharing your post about sexual shaming in the church with us today. You can read more from her and see the original post on her blog HERE. Be sure to stop by her page to tell her Thank You for sharing her story with us today. Sexual Shaming in Church I’m a Mennonite living in Mexico. If you want to see a diverse group of people, just come here. There’s multiple denominations among us. To those who understand the culture, you can tell fairly well which people belong to which denomination. Today, I want to tell…

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    What We Wish We Had Known Before Our Wedding

    Today Seth and I talk about the things that we wish we had known before our wedding day, as we drive up to Seattle to attend our friends wedding! Today’s topics include things like NOT mothering your boyfriend, realizing that your partner is NOT a mind reader, expanding your view of your future in-laws, and SO MUCH MORE! Please Rate and Review our show! Become a Patreon and support our show!

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    Dr. Gail Saltz: Body Shaming, Sexual Dysfunction, Talking to Kids About Sex, and MORE!

    Seth and I sit down with the talented Dr. Gail Saltz, and she helps us to better understand how sexual dysfunction can sometimes be traced back to body shaming and poor sex education in childhood, how we can view neural differences in our relationships as an asset instead of a drawback, the importance of self-awareness, and the power of being able to figuratively put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Learn more about Dr. Gail Saltz by visiting her Website and check out one of her many books, Amazing You  Please Rate and Review our show if you find it helpful!

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    The Problem With Gender Stereotypes

      This week Seth and I talk about the problems that can arise in relationships when we lean too heavily on Gender Stereotypes created by culture and the church. We discuss how these stereotypes can lead to false hopes, strained communication between men and women, and can act like blinders to reality.

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    Rabbi Manis Friedman: The Joy Of Intimacy

    Today Seth and I called up the mind expanding Rabbi Manis Friedman, author, teacher, and all around wisdom giver, to chat about his take on Marriage, relationships, and how couples are often more in love with the idea of love, than the practicality and practice of loving another human being well. Check out Rabbi Manis Friedman’s book The Joy Of Intimacy and learn more about his work at And if you find our podcast helpful please give us a rating and review!