Lunch Lady Effect by Seth Studley

I think the crazy thing about marriage is that you learn so freaking much if you’re open to it, I have always been a person to at least try to be open to learning and improve myself but marriage blew my brains out several times and I’m still learning to learn I guess.

It’s good and it’s fun and I feel really blessed, at least now I feel blessed to have a good wife who isn’t too crazy, or she’s crazy enough for me. I never thought that in marriage I would have to think so much about who i was, who i wanted to be and who the actual fuck I am. Melanie Has told me who I am like 100 times and 99 of those times she has been right, and, because it’s melanie and she is too smart for her own brain sometimes, she usually is right on in her read of me and that has pissed me off so many times in our marriage.

The point is I guess, that marriage is extremely hard work and it never ends up how you want it most of the time, it ends up how you need it and I usually end up appreciating everything more. I call this the “lunch lady syndrome”. In school, I never know what we were having for lunch until I was in the lunch line about to eat- sometimes I would complain about it but I almost always ate whatever they offered. I didn’t want it, I didn’t think about it, I was able to complain about it a little bit, and in the end it was OK and it fed me. Sometimes marriage is like this. Be open, make the best of what you’ve got and be smart.