My 3rd Open Mic by Seth Studley

Doing things that you don’t want to do for a good reason but you know you should because they are kinda scary but you know you’ll grow if you do them.

I’m literally in Denver right now at a bar eating a Cuban sandwich and drinking a beer alone. It’s delicious. I love it. I’m looking at open mic nights in Denver and contemplating on if I should do it or not. I’m nervous. Even looking up open mic nights literally makes my heart start beating really fast. I don’t want to do it. The last thing i want to do is put my name on the list for an open mic comedy night. Because when I do, they will call my name and I have no choice. Good Lord. But, I have to do it. If I don’t then I’ve lost. I’ve lost a bet against myself. Of course, who cares if I do it. Nobody. Do I know people in Denver? No, I know zero people, I could go downtown, scream at the top of my lungs anything I wanted to, then walk away. It doesn’t matter. I have to do this.

I had an argument with Melanie a few nights ago. Who knows what it was about, I don’t even remember. I told her that I didn’t even want to hug her. I was mad. I felt that I was right in some way and the absolute last thing I wanted to do was make up, say I’m sorry and seal it with a hug.

You know what I did. I did it because I knew it was right. I did it because I knew that when we get out of our stupid idiot comfort zones, we grow. That’s why I did. Let go, let GO! Come on, you got this. I’ll give some updates on my comedy set. Oh man…….