True Love, All Because of Star Wars – with Tabi Wells

I love a good “how did you meet?” story! And, I’m also a big Star Wars fan! So, when I read Tabi’s post about how she met her husband, I was geeking out! Thank you Tabi, for allowing us to share your story with our followers. You all can follow Tabi on her blog,   – Elizabeth Williams, Anatomy Of Marriage Team Member


Being the Star Wars nerd I am, it’s only fitting that my ‘fairy-tale’ romance started because of the franchise.

Scott grew up in a small town where my grandparents lived from the time I was 10 until I was in my 20s. It’s a beautiful little port town with a beach, a quaint harbour, and small enough population that everybody knows everybody. There’s probably a good chance that the two of us ran into each other at some point in our childhood during one of the town’s many events.

But we had never met.

In July of 2011, I was freshly single, recovering from a car accident, and just trying to figure myself out. After over a year of being actively treated for my bipolar, I was feeling “normal” for the first time in my life. I was doing things I had never done before, like taking my anonymous blog public, going to movies by myself, and letting loose at concerts without caring about others judging me.

It was an exciting time for me. The world seemed like it was a journal of blank pages just waiting for me to fill them. I was 25 years old, and anything was possible.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I sometimes tweet super random, silly things. There was a time where I hoped if I tweeted Star Wars enough, I might end up with a Lucasfilm job (still waiting on that offer).

Over the span of a few days, I went on a tweeting spree, just tagging them in all sorts of random thoughts about the franchise. I think in one day, I sent at least 20 of them. Then, I went to bed.

When I woke up the next morning, my phone was blowing up. Twitter was not quite as big then as it was now, so being a nobody and waking up to 64 retweets, 30 new followers, and a slew of replies was a BIG DEAL. I was rather befuddled as to why, until I logged in, reviewed the retweeters, and then nearly fainted with excitement.

Basically, I found this:

Actual footage of my reaction:

One of the new followers I had gained had also responded to the Tweet, and we began talking. When I popped over to his profile to see if he was cool or not, I was surprised to see how similar of personalities we seemed to have. At least, how similar they were online.

It didn’t take long for us to figure out we lived an hour away from each other. Over the span of a few weeks, we added each other to Facebook and he introduced me online to his fiancee, some of his roommates, and a couple other friends.

Most of them attended a bible college there, and I joked one day that he needed to find me a good, Christian boyfriend. Quite seriously, he responded telling me that one of his roommates was actually my age, single, and looking, and we had a lot in common.

On the long weekend, a plan was hatched for me to go and meet all of them for the first time. The fact I said yes was insane given my social anxiety typically gave me issues just going to Walmart. But, I went anyway.

Everyone but the roommate I was being introduced to were working late, so I had to meet up with him in the mall parking lot near their apartment so he could show me how to get there. You know, back before phones had maps and when MapQuest could still be really, really dumb.

I had already added him to Facebook, we had said hello, and stalked each other’s photos so we knew who to look for. When I saw him crossing the parking lot, I got out of my car to go meet him.

There’s not really any way to describe it other than I felt my heart leap and I legitimately had the wind knocked out of me when we came face-to-face.

“Hey, I’m Scott.”

Legitimately, I messed up my own damn name I was so in shock. It probably came out something like:


Later that night, he and his friends taught me how to play Munchkin. It’s basically a card-game version of an RPG, where you stab everyone in the back as much as you can. I caught on pretty easily, but like the masterful Chaotic-Neutral that I am, I played dumb. The whole game. I batted my eyelashes, pretended to be confused, and begged Scott to help me take down difficult monsters. All the while, I was stockpiling cards to destroy him.

He was about to win the game and decimate the dragon (the only card at the time where the penalty for losing was death), and I threw everything I had at him. He died. My turn was next, and I won the game. At that moment, he knew we were meant to be.

We spent the rest of the weekend together, started dating at the end of it, and were engaged at 6 months.

A few years ago, when we were sorting through our old things, we found my diary from when I was ten. On one page, written in all caps, was an entry I wrote saying I was going to marry a boy from that small town where my grandparents lived one day.

Who knew Star Wars and their Twitter account would be the ones to make that happen?