It’s Just One Day – Elizabeth Williams

Today’s blog post comes from our website consultant, Elizabeth Williams. You can check out her bio on our Meet The Team Page here. The following was written after listening to the What We Wish We Had Known Before Our Wedding episode. Enjoy!

I was the last of my close friends from high school to get married.

I helped many of them on their wedding days. My experience included wedding singer, photographer, florist, wedding co-ordinator, and brides maid. At every wedding that I helped with there was some kind of minor disaster. Missing music, smudge on the wedding dress, missing petty coat, flowers were delivered late, someone forgot the communion elements. My own wedding, the necklaces I had ordered for the brides maids didn’t arrive, and my husband’s ring was too small. Freak outs and mini panic attacks surrounding the wedding day are common.

Here’s the thing…the wedding day is just that, One Day.

Yes, I know this is one reason a lot of people stress, but this could also be a great reason to relax! I heard one bride say “at the end of the day, the most important thing is that I’ll be married to my best friend.” That’s why we celebrate weddings, two best friends, committing to stay together for a life time. Focus more on setting up a good foundation for the life time, and let the day come and go as just that, a day.

My wedding day wasn’t perfect.

It wasn’t all I had hoped for, it wasn’t my dream wedding. But in the end, I was married to my best friend. We committed to a life time together. Marriage has not been easy, but we are working on it. When we think back on our wedding day, we think back on it fondly. Even though there were those miniature disasters. KT Tunstall song Miniture Disasters, comes to mind. Don’t let the miniature disasters and minor catastrophes be the death of your wedding day.

In the end, the flowers will fade,

the decorations will be sold, or returned to the rental agency, the food will be eaten or thrown out… and what will you have left? You, your spouse, your families, and friends. The people, who are supporting you, and the one you’ll spend your life with. Remember THAT as you plan, remember that as you go through your wedding day. At the end of the day, you will be part of your spouses’ family, and they will be part of yours. At the end of the day, you will be married to your best friend. And that’s really what matters.