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    Turkish Rugs & Marriage: Guest Post by Nothing Like I Expected

    Today we welcome back Lauren Miller from Nothing Like I Expected. She shares with us about the tension within marriage. Thank you Lauren, for letting us share your original piece. Be sure to stop by her blog to show your appreciation. Turkish Rugs and Marriage Have you ever been in a situation with your spouse where it feels as though the air has been sucked out of the room and talking feels like a death march? Often times moments of tension become chasms of disconnection but the reality is tension doesn’t have to be a divider it can actually be a strength bringer. Perspective is everything in relationship. How you…

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    Blending Families by Helen Loewen

    It’s time for another listen blog post! This one comes from Helen Loewen. She posted this beautiful piece on blended families to her blog on May 7, 2018 and can be viewed here. A big Thank You to Helen for allowing us to share her work with you today. Be sure to head over to her blog to show her your support. My parents were very involved in my life. They were pretty dedicated to knowing what we were up to. And strict. Also, quite critical of all we did. They were good parents but we siblings felt suffocated at times. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. We just wanted…

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    Marriage and an F-word : Fibromyalgia

    The F-Word ‘Sup folks? It’s me, Kenon. I’m back for another exciting rendition of “What anecdotal thing in my life is useful to other people?” Today I’m addressing something that affects my marriage: the big F-word… Fibromyalgia. For those of you who do not know fibromyalgia, or fibro as it’s commonly called, is a chronic pain condition that affects a person’s muscles and joints. It is often accompanied by fatigue and a host of other co-morbid conditions that are too long to list. Let’s put it this way… No one wants it and no one wants to wish it on their worst enemy. There’s no known cause, direct test, or…

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    How the Purity Movement Causes Symptoms of Sexual Abuse by Tina Schermer Sellers

    Today we have another post from Tina Schermer Sellers. One of our favorite sex therapists, we want to thank her for allowing us to share her work with you again. If you missed the first four episodes of the Sex & Intimacy series that Seth and Melanie did with Dr. Tina, you NEED to check them out! Listen HERE. You can also see the original publication of this post on Dr. Tina’s blog HERE. I put the paper down. I was 15 papers in with 17 to go – sexual autobiography assignments of my graduate family therapy students. It was the second paper I had read in the last two…

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    Creating A Podcast With My Husband Saved Our Marriage by Melanie Studley

    Our lovely Melanie Studley was featured on Seattle Refined last month! Just incase you missed the post, we are sharing her piece here with you today. You can also read the original post on Seattle Refined Site Here. My husband Seth and I sat in the dark Seattle rain in mid November stuck on I-5 North as we headed up to Edmonds, Wa. We were on our way to see Chris Thile, a Mandolin prodigy (that I am obsessed with), live at the Edmonds Center For The Arts. Without traffic that 44 mile drive would have taken us approximately 1 hour and 11 minutes door to door, so we left…