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    Bonus In-Law Episode!

    Seth and I are here in South Carolina, continuing on our In-Law journey and answering y’alls questions! We cover all sorts of things from how to handle living with In-Laws, Secret Tunnels of Communication, How to be ‘Professional’ with your In-Laws, Boundaries, and so much more. And a huge thank you to our listeners who sent in questions, you rock! Please support our show by visiting patreon.com/anatomyofmarriage or rating and reviewing the show on iTunes.

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    Dealing With Unpleasant Situations, Family Of Origin, & Our Summer Vacation

    Seth and I recorded this episode while driving in the car on our way up to the Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina. We talk about how we handle the unpleasant situations that we run into while on our summer vacation, how Family Of Origin Plays into the tension, and what to do about it. Don’t forget to visit marriagesupply.com and get 10% off your purchase until August 31st, 2018. Also, if you want to support us financially please visit www.patreon.com/anatomyofmarriage And please rate and review our show in iTunes, it helps us out SO MUCH!!

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    Healing Your Marriage, Conflict Resolution & Sticky Note Intervention

    Today Seth and I talk about practical ideas, steps and tips that have helped us to heal and grow our own marriage, we also introduce new and intentional ways of working through conflict, like the Sticky Note Intervention, that may help you and your partner build a better relationship! Don’t forget to visit marriagesupply.com for 10% your purchase until August 31st when you use Promo Code 10fromAOM. Check us out on Spotify! Support the podcast by visiting patreon.com/anatomyofmarriage and becoming a Patron today!