We believe that all couples should have free access to the tools that help make relationships stronger!

Letting Go



Clearing Structure OR I Statements

You will remember these from Episode #8 “That Wasn’t A Story” where we talk about Communication and in “Q+A: How To Know What You Are Truly Feeling And What You Really Want”. 

Clearing Structures OR I Statements are designed to take the confusion out of what you are feeling thinking and saying by giving you a guide to follow. This is a GREAT tool for couples who can’t remember what they were arguing about in the first place or for those who tend to argue about one thing for MANY HOURS!



Anatomy Of Marriage Season #1 Workbook!

This downloadable PDF Workbook follows along with the Anatomy Of Marriage Audio Workbook. If you download the PDF onto a PC you can fill in the spaces with your answers, this is a GREAT resource for couples who are trying to better understand themselves and each other, and don’t forget to bring your answers to your therapist or counselor for even more clarity!!

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