Season One Audio Workbook | ANATOMY OF MARRIAGE


Welcome To The Audio Workbook 

Opening Prayer

Opening Prayer

Just in case you need it 😉 


Audio Workbook Disclaimer

Boring, but necessary.

Chapter #1

“Examining A Failing Marriage”

Melanie helps you begin the process of examining your own marriage, where are you doing great and where could you use some improving?

Chapter #2

“Family Of Origin” 

Dive deeper into your behaviors and relationship tendencies with this exploration into family of origin.

Chapter #3


Take some time to discover the bio-psycho-social-spiritual differences that pop up in your marriage, but play nice!

Chapter #4


Take a minute to walk through how your experiences or your partner’s experiences have changed you, and this can sometimes be a tough one, so bring out the Kleenex! 

Chapter #5

“The Science Of Love” 

Celebrate all of the love chemicals with your spouse, this one is lighthearted and easy, so ENJOY IT!

Chapter #6


Take some time to explore the expectations that you and your spouse have for each other that might be totally unspoken. 

Chapter #7


Dive deeper into the often hidden space that is sexuality and explore the reasons behind your comfort or discomfort around sex, then… tell your spouse how you love to love them! 

Chapter #8


Uncover the secrets of your communication style and figure how to better communicate with your spouse! 

Chapter #9


Explore why you “are the way you are” by talking and thinking about how you formed your identity and what shapes your identity. 

Chapter #10

“Mental Health”

Dive deeper into your mental health and how it shapes your marriage, and then make a plan to be stronger in your mental health game together with your spouse! 

Chapter #11 

“Domestic Violence” 

A short and simple episode designed to help those in need and to inform those who might be able to help, please don’t skip this, listening to it may empower you to be there for someone who is deeply hurting or stop a cycle of pain in your own marriage. 

Chapter #12

“Owning Our Part To Play” 

Discover how to own your crap and be a better spouse all around by diving into the complex rabbit hole of admitting and acknowledging your faults and flaws in a productive way!



Some closing thoughts about the Audio Workbook!

Closing Prayer

Closing Prayer

Just in case you need it!  😉