Praying For Your Spouse

In this video Seth and I talk about the importance of praying for your partner, how anxiety is a form of negative meditation, how to create a prayer/meditation practice around the things that you are grateful for and SO MUCH MORE!



Arguing In Front Of Kids

Seth and I talk about whether or not couples should argue in front of their children, this is an important topic with long term consequences that can lead to trauma and anxiety for your child as they grow into adulthood. We also explore how our children can misinterpret what we say and feel, how to bring a SOLUTION mindset into a hard conversation, as well as the idea that our children are always learning from our behavior.




Having A Strong Marriage With Kids

Seth and I explore the ways that we can change our ideas around marriage and kids and how to create a family that works the best for you! We talk about the damage of comparing your family to other families, finding your own connection time or C.T., and leaning into the healthiest parts of your marriage!