There are times in every marriage when we just get stuck, we need helpful people around us and good resources to help us see where we can grow and where we might have our blinders on!


What is a Marriage Consulting Session?

  • A 60 minute Skype video call designed to help you and your spouse improve communication, talk through areas of difficulty, and set up a strategy to help improve and strengthen your marriage with the use of tools and resources handpicked for your relationship.

How much does a session cost?

  • A 60 minute Consulting Session is $240

What do I get in one Consulting Session?

  • A 60 minute Skype video call with both Seth and Melanie Studley. They will walk with you through your struggles and help build a framework for how to begin healing, growing and opening up together.
  • Each Session concludes with a written Summary containing 4-7 specific goals for you and your spouse to practice at home.
  • After the initial Consulting Session each spouse receives an Individualized custom Intervention Plan, these plans are like roadmaps of yourself to give to your partner. Not only do they help your partner better understand how complex you are, they also let YOU better understand how complex you are! These Individualized custom Intervention Plans will be updated as needed.


*Disclaimer: These are not traditional therapy sessions, although Seth is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist these sessions are considered Consultations. If Seth feels the need for couples to find a local therapist the appropriate referrals will be given.


If you are interested in Marriage Consulting Sessions please fill out the form below!