There are times in every marriage when we just get stuck, we need helpful people around us and good resources to help us see where we can grow and where we might have our blinders on!

With Marriage Skype Consulting Sessions our goal is to

  • Improve Communication
  • Talk through areas where you are feeling stuck
  • Give practical advice, tips and tools to strengthen your marriage
  • Plus a whole lot more

So let us know more about you and your marriage!

Rate: $250 per 60 minute Marriage Skype Consulting Session


What you get:

  • A written Summary with every session that includes 3 or more goals for couples to practice together
  • A Custom Intervention Plan for each spouse to help encourage, guide and remind them to keep on keeping on!

*Disclaimer: These are not traditional therapy sessions, although Seth is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist these sessions are considered consultations. If Seth feels the need for couples to find a local therapist the appropriate referrals will be given.

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