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Elizabeth WilliamsElizabeth

Website Consultant

Hey! I’m Elizabeth Williams. A little about me, I’m currently a stay at home mom, homeschooling my two school aged kids while
entertaining two preschoolers. I keep my sanity and identity beyond “MOM” by working a few side projects including giving piano lessons, selling children’s books, and blogging. I’m also in school to become a piano technician learning to tune and fix pianos. AND I’m on the team to help Seth and Melanie update and curate the Anatomy Of Marriage website! I’m so excited to
be part of the the team and look forward to interacting with you on the Anatomy of Marriage Facebook groups.

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Kenon Koffkey


I was born and raised in and around Flint, Michigan. Flint is currently known primarily for three things; General Motors, water full of lead, and a high crime rate. So, yes, I have gone to sleep while hearing gunshots, and no, I do not know Michael Moore personally. After graduating from Swartz Creek high school, I attended Kettering University and studied Computer Engineering. Jobs I have held include working for a Tier I automotive supplier who specialized in thermoformed plastics, a stint in IT for a school district, and ecommerce data management for an online retail company centered around the automotive and RV aftermarket.

Other random Kenon factoids: First, I like word play, sarcasm, puns, nerd culture, podcasts, and internet memes. Secondly, I drink pop, not soda, and also root for the University of Michigan football team. Thirdly, I enjoy coaching and playing soccer as well as playing disc golf. However, as much as I am fond of those things, I also have lovely wife, Christina. We got married in April 2009 and it has been quite the journey, but I would not spend it with anyone else. We met in 2006 on a blind date, did the whole long distance thing while I was in school, tied the knot after I finished school, and decided that 0 distance was much preferable to being states away. We also have a son, James, who we refer to as LJ (a.k.a Little James) who was born in February of 2012. He’s a great mixture of personalities from both his mom and I (poor kid) and we love him to the edge of the known expanding universe and back.



Senior Executive Maven Of All Things Crafty (and Facebook Coordinator!)
Hey y’all! I’m Rayah. I’m basically the kinda person that does all the things. Not because I’m so awesome, but because there is just so much cool stuff in life to do! I like knitting and crocheting and music and graphic design and social media strategy and playing with my kids and cooking and baking and sewing and swearing and dancing without skill.
I am 31, mom of 2 boys in my arms and one little girl in my heart. I deal with mild to moderate depression and anxiety and my husband is my hero. He has Schizoaffective (schizophrenia + Bipolar 2), PTSD, and is a trauma survivor. This past year we’ve had 4 psychiatric hospitalizations and 1 of our shorties had a medical inpatient stay too because, hey, why not – our deductible was already met! Our life is totally cray but it’s also beautiful. You can read and hear things about us if you want.

William Corbin

Social Media Strategist

I am from Tigerville, SC (next to Emery’s hometown) and I am a sophomore at Clemson. I am majoring in Sports Communications and Political Science, as well as minoring in Business Administration. I enjoy spending time outside, reading, playing board games, playing sports video games, and watching college football. I cover Clemson football at and I am starting a podcast soon!





Justin Hartford

Community Building and Communications
Generally fascinated with the future and how technology brings us all together. Similarly, I live on a farm with my wife and young child.
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