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Divorce Part 1: Divorce is NOT your worst option

Seth and I sit down with the wonderful Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers and Carla Ewert to discuss the intimate details of divorce. In this episode, which is the first of a four part Series, we talk about the impact that gender roles, patriarchy, Purity culture and differentiation have in our relationships, and what we can do to change those patterns and beliefs. We also discuss what it means to “take up all of your space” in the world, how we can unlearn the “threat” of collaboration, and what it takes to be fully yourself in a relationship. To learn more about Dr. Tina and Carla you can visit their websites.

Dr. Tina:  tinaschermersellers.com/ nwioi.com/ thankgodforsex.org/

Buy her book, Sex, God & The Conservative Church

Carla: sheiscalled.com/ holywritpodcast.com/ withcollective.org /


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