#3 Who Taught You to Hold a Knife Like That?: With Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Claudia Grauf-Grounds, And Dr. Les And Leslie Parrott

Seth and Melanie tread cautiously through the delicate landscape of differences as they explore why their own marriage has looked more like a smoothie than a fruit salad. Once again we hear from Claudia​ Grauf-Grounds and Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott of Seattle Pacific University as well as author and interpersonal neurobiologist Dr. Dan Siegel from the Mindsight Institute in Santa Monica California.


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Les and Leslie Parrott: http://www.symbisassessment.com/
Seattle Pacific University: http://spu.edu/
Dr Dan Siegel: http://www.drdansiegel.com/
Mindsight Institute: https://www.mindsightinstitute.com



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