Digital Download – The Best Marriage Workbook Ever

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The improved Season 1 workbook is here, a.k.a The Best Marriage Workbook Ever! You now get 90+ pages of extremely helpful content that you can move along at your own pace. Unfortunately, the original free workbook .pdf has been relegated to the AOM archives.

Why we wanted to write this book: We wanted to write this workbook because we noticed that a lot of clinical books on marriage are too clinical and not approachable for the average reader, while blogs or Christian marriage resources are often not clinical enough and therefore not as helpful as they could be. So we wanted to make a compromise and create a workbook that would help couples see things from a clinical perspective as well as a real life perspective.

How to start: We think that the most effective method of walking through The Best Marriage Workbook EVER is to listen to each Podcast episode first and then fill out the corresponding chapter.  You can find our podcast in your favorite player, like iTunes OR go use our the FREE audio workbook companion here.

Disclaimer: **This workbook is NOT intended to be used in place of a real life Mental Health Professional, so please understand if you need a counselor in any way we highly advise that you seek one out. Here is a resource to help you​ find counselors in your area.