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There’s no need to sort through the podcast feed of hundreds of episodes to find ones that deal with your Family of Origin. We’ve done the work for you.

When you purchase this item, you’ll receive a link to download a .zip file containing .mp3s that are geared towards learning about your Family of Origin and how that it affects your relationship.

9 episodes are a part of this bundle that you can listen to at your leisure. Listen at home on your computer or on your mobile device; we don’t care!  Just listen!

Q&A Day 45: Growing wife, stagnant husband, Family Of Origin and generational addiction.
Today we answer your questions about how to inspire and invite growth in your partner, how Family Of Origin impacts relationships, and how addiction and abusive behavior get passed down through generations.

249 Q&A Day 35: How Family of Origin, Epigenetics, my wife has changed and morning mindfulness.
Today we talk about the power of Family Of Origin and the role of Epigenetics as well as how to navigate a partner who is cheating and has changed. We also share the incredible power of a morning routine!

Listener Questions: In-Laws, Family Of Origin, Being A Team In Marriage, And More
Seth and I answer your questions about in-laws, being a team in marriage, Family of Origin Issues and so much more!

BONUS In-Law Episode!
Seth and I are here in South Carolina, continuing on our In-Law journey and answering y’alls questions! We cover all sorts of things from how to handle living with In-Laws, Secret Tunnels of Communication, How to be ‘Professional’ with your In-Laws, Boundaries, and so much more.

Q&A Day 23: Making friends as an adult, changing your family of origin, getting out of ruts and more!
Today we talk about how to make friends as an adult, intentionally creating and changing your family of origin, ways to get out of a rut and more!

Q&A Day 34: Family of origin, support through financial struggles and is aggressive sex OK?
Today we answer your questions about how to change your perspective on Family Of Origin issues in your marriage, how you can handle the ups and downs of life and we talk about the importance of understanding your sexual desire and having a healthy sex life.

Marriage Starts at Birth: With Dr. Les And Leslie Parrott, And Dr. Claudia Grauf-Grounds
Seth and Melanie dive into the tangled world of Family of Origin and discover how deeply connected our marriages are to the lives and choices of our parents. They talk with Marriage and Relationship experts Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott, Dr. Claudia Grauf-Grounds Professor and director of clinical training and research at Seattle Pacific University, as well as Seth’s grandma and Melanie’s childhood neighbor Nichole and her husband Charlie.

Family Of Origin Video Pod: Genograms, Fusion, Triangulation, Expectations, Undifferentiated Family Ego Mass, And More
Seth and I dive into his Marriage and Family Therapy text books to look at the Bowenian approach to Family Systems Therapy and how it applies to Family Of Origin.

Q&A Day 6 – My husband is afraid of me, dealing with Family Of Origin differences during conflict and more!
Today we talk about what to do when your partner is afraid of you, how to deal with Family Of Origin differences during conflict in your marriage and so much more!


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