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There’s no need to sort through the podcast feed of hundreds of episodes to find ones that deal with having a Growth Mindset. We’ve done the work for you.

When you purchase this item, you’ll receive a link to download a .zip file containing .mp3s that are geared towards learning having a Growth Mindset while in relationship.

13 episodes are a part of this bundle that you can listen to at your leisure. Listen at home on your computer or on your mobile device; we don’t care!  Just listen!

Building Strong Relationships with Georgie Morley
Today Seth and I are sharing our Chasing Joy Podcast interview with the wonderful and inspiring Georgie Morley. We talk about how we do self-care, the power of your attitude, bringing life and joy into your relationships and SO MUCH MORE!

Aaron Walker: Learning Your Partner’s Needs, having Shared Marriage Goals, the Danger Of Comparison, and so much more!
Seth and I had the privilege of hanging out with the wonderful Aaron Walker, Community Leader, Small Business Owner and Author of View From The Top, and the three of us talked about what he has learned in his 38 years of marriage. Everything from having a Growth Mindset, Marrying into the Family, Learning Together as a couple, having Shared Marriage Goals, and the dangers of comparing your spouse to someone else.

Dr. Brenda Butterfield Self-Care, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction and more.
This week Seth and I sit down with the wonderful Dr. Brenda Butterfield and explore the ever important world of Self-Care, Mindfulness, Stress reduction, identifying our hidden stressors, how our stressors can be an invitation to seek help and healing, and so much more.

Hillary McBride: Personal Growth, Gender Constructs, Neuroscience & more!

Seth and I talk with the amazing Hillary McBride of The Liturgist Podcast and the Other People’s Problems Podcast. The three of us talk about a huge range of topics, everything from how growing can feel like losing a part of yourself, the way that gender constructs can deeply impact what we believe we are capable (or incapable) of, the power of language to shape the way that we think, and SO MUCH MORE!

Am I Really Like That? With Mike McHargue from The Liturgist Podcast And Ask Science Mike, Dr. Dan Siegel, And Dr. Les And Leslie Parrott
This week Melanie and Seth explore the daunting topic of Identity and share the ways that not having a strong sense of self has totally messed up their marriage. They are joined by Dr. Les and Leslie Parrot of Seattle Pacific University, Dr. Dan Siegel of the Mindsight Institute, and Mike McHargue from The Liturgist Podcast/Ask Science Mike as they try to untangle this crazy mess.

How to become who you really want to become in marriage with Preferred-Self, Ideal-Self and Actual-Self
Today Seth and I come to you live from a dock in Folly Beach, South Carolina, you can watch the video on our YouTube channel!
Today we talk all about how to identify your Preferred-Self, Ideal-Self and Actual-Self in your relationships, and how this knowledge can help you grow closer to your relationship goals!
We also share some interventions with y’all, like how to share constructive criticism with your partner ‘sandwich style’, and so much more!

Chasing Joy, Energy & Wellness With Georgie Morley
Seth and I talk with Blogger, Podcaster and all around wellness lover Georgie Morley about the importance of finding true wellness in your life. She shares her journey with eating disorders, depression, and the importance of individual therapy within a marriage.

Optimistically Strong
Today Seth and I talk about the importance of developing an Optimistically Strong attitude in your relationships and in your life! We share five points to help clarify this new idea, and we share how being Optimistically Strong has helped us to handle the stresses of raising kids, flying across the country every year, and so much more! Y’all are going to love it!

The Tools Of Marriage: Growth Mindset With Dr. Gail Saltz and Dr. Dan Siegel

Melanie and Seth tackle the often forgotten world of having a Growth Mindset in marriage. They talk with Dr. Gail Saltz who also appeared in episode #1 and they revisit a conversation from episode #9 of season one with Dr. Dan Siegel.

Positive Self-Talk, Reframing Our Thoughts, and Choosing Positivity!
Today I respond to Seth’s video titled: ‘Vulnerability, stopping negative thinking and being real as possible’, and give you my take on positive and negative self-talk, reframing our thoughts and ideas, loving yourself, and SO MUCH MORE!

Adult Attachment Disorder
Seth shares his unexpected journey into the world of Adult Attachment Disorder and y’all are gonna want to grab your tissues for this one. He cries, I cry, but it is worth all the runny mascara in the world to witness the understanding and healing that is taking place in Seth and in our marriage.

The Tools Of Marriage: Self Awareness, with Cody Jefferson, Ryan Michler, and Dr. Gail Satlz
Melanie and Seth are back with the Anatomy Of Marriage Season #2: The Tools Of Marriage, and today they are talking all about the tool of Self Awareness with amazing guests Cody Jefferson, Ryan Michler, and Dr. Gail Saltz. Together they talk through the issues that can arise when we do not know yourselves deeply and authentically.

Vulnerability, Anger, Meditation, Mindfulness, Anxiety, and More
Seth and I explore what vulnerability looks like in our marriage, how to be responsible with your vulnerability, negative self-talk, tools to deal with anxiety, mindfulness, anger, meditation and SO MUCH MORE!


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