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There’s no need to sort through the podcast feed of hundreds of episodes to find ones that deal with having a marriage in crisis. We’ve done the work for you.

When you purchase this item, you’ll receive a link to download a .zip file containing .mp3s that are geared towards learning how to positively deal with a marriage that exists in crisis mode.

13 episodes are a part of this bundle that you can listen to at your leisure. Listen at home on your computer or on your mobile device; we don’t care!  Just listen!

10 Harmful Behaviors That are Hurting Your Marriage and Relationships
This week Seth and I dive into 10 Harmful Behaviors that we think are really damaging when you are trying to have a healthy and solid relationship. They include things like Not Listening, Focusing only on the Negative, Being an A-Hole, and LOTS more!

A Podcast for your partner!
Seth and I created an episode for our listeners who have partners that are just not that into the Anatomy Of Marriage podcast…..yet!!
In this episode we talk about our story, how we survived domestic abuse, how we came out stronger and happier on the other side, and why we thought sharing the hardest parts of our journey was podcast worthy. There are clips from Season one and so much more!
We hope that this helps your partner get hooked on AOM, and don’t forget that this is a GREAT episode to share with friends as well!!!

Q+A: Letting Go, Boundaries In Strained Relationships, And Finding Peace
Seth and I explore the idea of “letting go” with the help of a worksheet that Seth uses with his clients. This letting go concept helps individuals to create personal boundaries around strained relationships as well as bringing a sense of peace to those who practice it.

Only Ourselves to Blame
Melanie and Seth sum up the impact that this 8-year journey has had on their marriage and talk through what things they did wrong individually and what things they did right as a couple. They share the marriage hacks that saved their relationship, as well as advice from the many couples and therapists that they interviewed along the way.

Hide the Guns: With Dr. Claudia Grauf-Grounds And Leslie Vernick
Melanie and Seth step into the darkest part of their journey as they share their story of domestic violence in hopes that it will help shed light on this terrible reality. Melanie admits to being physically abusive and violent to Seth in their marriage and they talk through some of the thoughts and feelings that they had during those tumultuous times with Dr. Claudia Grauf-Grounds, Leslie Vernick and a few very brave friends who you’ll remember from previous episodes.

#10 At My Lowest Point: With Dr. Les And Leslie Parrott
In this week’s episode things start to take a darker turn as Melanie and Seth explore the world of mental health and talk about the impact that it has had in their marriage. Seth shares a story of self harm, an anonymous friend shares her battle with depression, and Melanie and Seth walk through some of the early signs in their marriage that they really needed help. Les and Leslie Parrott of Seattle Pacific University also join in the conversation and share their thoughts about the impact that mental health has on relationships.

I Would Rather Be Divorced: With Leslie Vernick
Hosts Melanie and Seth Studley take us back in time to investigate their nearly failed marriage and begin the process of uncovering why marriages really succeed and fail. They talk with author, speaker and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Leslie Vernick as well as a mother of 6 who is going through a divorce and older children of a divorced family.

Q+A: How To Confess
Today Seth and I explore the tricky landscape of confessions, how to do them, when to do them, and where to do them. If you have something to confess to your partner DO NOT make the same mistakes that we made.

Q+A: Deception, Pornography And Coping With Crisis.
Seth and I discuss the feelings that I experienced directly after Seth’s confession of lying and looking at pornography and offer up some helpful advice on how to handle this particular crisis in your marriage.
WARNING: There is some unsavory language in this episode but I bleeped it out for you!!

The Tools Of Marriage: Compassion & Forgiveness, Healing From An Affair
This week Melanie and Seth explore the tools of Compassion and Forgiveness with amazing guests Robb and Jackie, who walk listeners through their journey of healing from an affair. They share their insights and wisdom all while being a beautiful example of real life compassion and forgiveness at work.

The Tools Of Marriage: Self Awareness, with Cody Jefferson, Ryan Michler, and Dr. Gail Satlz
Melanie and Seth are back with the Anatomy Of Marriage Season #2: The Tools Of Marriage, and today they are talking all about the tool of Self Awareness with amazing guests Cody Jefferson, Ryan Michler, and Dr. Gail Saltz. Together they talk through the issues that can arise when we do not know yourselves deeply and authentically.

What Do We Do Now?: With Dr. Les And Leslie Parrott, And Dr. Claudia​ Grauf-Grounds
Melanie and Seth investigate the way that our experiences shape our marriages as they talk with couples about topics ranging from the loss of a parent at an early age, the diagnosis of autism, and domestic violence in the home, just to name a few. Joining them in this episode are Dr. Les and Leslie Parrot and Dr. Claudia​ Grauf-Grounds of Seattle Pacific University.

The Tools Of Marriage: The Importance Of Community During Divorce, Loss Of Church, And More
Seth and I explore the importance of Community in relationships. We hear from Beth, a listener who shares her story of how her community rallied around her and her daughter during a hard season in their life. Seth and I also talk about what the loss of our 10 year church community has meant to us and we share ways to build your own community.


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