Question & Answer Episodes

On this page, we have combined all of our Q+A Episodes that we have shared over the course of all of our seasons! This is here to help you search for the exact answer that you are looking for….and don’t forget that you can always search keywords using the search bar!


Season One Question & Answer Episodes


Q&A EpisodeSurviving The Holidays Together 

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Seth and I offer up a few tips and tools for navigating the holiday season without losing your freaking mind! Some of our tips include… Being on the same team, looking for what is good, and talking about your triggers with your spouse BEFORE you go to your in-laws house, am I right?


Q&A Episode – What Does Decepition Feel LIke?

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Seth and I discuss the feelings that I experienced directly after Seth’s confession of lying and looking at pornography and offer up some helpful advice on how to handle this particular crisis in your marriage. WARNING: There is some unsavory language in this episode but I bleeped it out for you!!


Q&A Episode – How To Know What You Are Truly Feeling And What You Really Want  “CLEARING STRUCTURE”

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Today Seth and I talk about “Clearing Structures” OR “I Statements”, you will remember them from Episode #8 all about Communication where we tried “I Statements” out and I was TERRIBLE at them!! In this episode things get a little more serious than we expected, but it turns out to be for the better in the end.  Check out our website to get a special Clearing Structure PDF that we made JUST FOR YOU!  And don’t forget to send us YOUR QUESTIONS for the next Q+A!

Q&A Episode – Resolving Conflict With Voice Memos And Slowing Down Monkey Brain

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This week Seth and I explore the use of recording our thoughts when we are upset vs. talking about them face to face. We came across this idea sort of by accident a few months back and it has helped us out TREMENDOUSLY! We share our very first voice recording with you and some of the different ways that we can calm our monkey brain by using this voice recording method.


Q&A Episode – Confessions 

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Today Seth and I explore the tricky landscape of confessions, how to do them, when to do them, and where to do them. If you have something to confess to your partner DO NOT make the same mistakes that we made!!


Q&A Episode – What Children Can Teach Us About Marriage

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Today we are hitting on two different marriage ideas that are both kid related. BUT… you don’t have to be a parent to learn from this episode! In the first half I (Melanie) talk to our 10 year old son about using the “Clearing Structure” to resolve a conflict that he and I were having. In the second half of the show we talk about the ways that our children can often display undesirable behaviors that WE TAUGHT THEM!! Ouch!

Q&A Episode – Letting Go

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Seth and I explore the idea of “letting go” with the help of a worksheet that Seth uses with his clients. This letting go concept helps individuals to create personal boundaries around strained relationships as well as bringing a sense of peace to those who practice it.

Get your own free fillable “Letting Go” PDF HERE! 



Season Two Question & Answer Episodes


Tools Of Marriage – Q&A Episode #1

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Seth and I answer listener questions and a our very first listener voicemail!! This weeks questions include: How do you have a Growth Mindset around the topic of faith? How do you manage Expectations vs. Needs and feeling Needy? What is the difference between Biblical Counseling and Secular Therapy? We also talk about Nodal Events, Solution Focused Therapy and STOP THOUGHTS!

Tools of Marriage – Q&A Episode #2

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Today Seth and I answer YOUR QUESTIONS about Addiction, Trust, Adult Attachment Disorder, How to unlearn the negative things that the church has taught us about Sex, How to deal with the emotional triggers that come with healing from hurtful confessions, and so much more! 

Q&A Episode – Listener Questions: In-Laws, Family Of Origin & MORE!

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Seth and I answer your questions about in-laws, being a team in marriage, Family of Origin Issues and so much more!


Sex & Intimacy Series 

Q&A Rethinking Purity Culture

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Seth and I answer your questions about Purity Culture, shame vs. guilt in our relationships, how to share your sexual past with a future partner and so much more!  If you have a question for the podcast click here to send it in!  And don’t forget to share the podcast with your community, your church and your friends! 


Q&A Low Sex Drive & Pornography

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Seth and I answer your questions about low sex drive, loss of desire for your partner, grieving the loss of trust in your marriage and how to reframe a negative situation to get positive results. If you have a question that you would like us to answer on the show send it in to 


Q&A Self Pleasure Without Pornography and Mindful Masturbation

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In today’s Listener Questions Episode Seth and I answer a single question about pornography as well as the topics of mindful masturbation, creating a healthy idea of our sexuality as individuals and in marriage and so much more!  You won’t want to miss this one… and you also WON’T want to listen with kids around!! 


Q&A Vibrators, Premarital Sex, Honeymoon Sex, and Oral Sex

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In this Listener Questions Episode, Seth and I tackle lots of really big topics that range from the use of vibrators in marriage to better ways of modeling healthy and balanced sexuality in your home and for your children. You won’t want to miss it! 


Episode 42, Sex & Intimacy Series: 

Q&A Night Of Pleasure, Being A High Desire Wife, & Finding Your Path To Connection

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On Today’s Listener Questions Episode Seth and I answer y’alls questions about how to create your very own Night Of Pleasure (N.O.P), why undressing in front of your husband can sometimes feel objectifying (well, to me anyway), and what to do if you are a high desire wife. We also talk about how we have changed during the Sex & Intimacy Series! To learn more about Dr. Tina’s Passion For Life Couples Intimacy Retreats head to  seriously… DO IT!!!!! Also, please consider supporting our show financially by visiting today! When you help us, we can help you!  And if you can’t donate financially please help us out by sharing our show with friends and family and rating and reviewing our show on iTunes.

Episode 46. Big News & Contraceptives

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Today Seth and I are excited to share some big news for the Anatomy Of Marriage Podcast, we also talk all about contraceptives, what we like, what we don’t like, and why we need to be having more open conversations about them! #slimetime If you want more information about the different types of contraceptives available, please speak to your medical provider, or you can head over to and see what they have to say about it. AND…..visit to check out their amazing selection of marital enhancers and don’t forget to use promo code 10fromAOM at check out for 10% off your purchase, good through August 31st!