SEASON #1 – Examining A Failing Marriage – ANATOMY OF MARRIAGE

SEASON #1 – Examining A Failing Marriage

Welcome to Season One of the Anatomy Of Marriage Podcast! Below you can find links to each of our episodes from the first season. You can listen to each episode from here, OR, click below to get the podcasts on your favorite handheld device.  

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Episode #1 – “I Would Rather Be Divorced”

Episode #2 – “Marriage Starts At Birth” 

Episode #3 – “Who Taught You To Hold A Knife Like That?” 

Episode #4 – “What Do We Do Now?”

Episode #5 – “The Science Of Love” 

Episode #6 – “You Should Know This Already” 

Episode #7 – “Don’t Turn The Lights On”

Bonus Episode – “It’s Really Complicated”

Episode #8 – “That Wasn’t A Story”

Episode #9 – “Am I Really Like That?”

Episode #10 – “At My Lowest Point”

Episode #11 – “Hide The Guns”

Episode #12 – “Only Ourselves To Blame” 

Q&A EpisodeSurviving The Holidays Together

Q&A Episode – What Does Decepition Feel LIke?

Q&A – How To Know What You Are Truly Feeling And What You Really Want 

Q&A Episode – Resolving Conflict With Voice Memos And Slowing Down Monkey Brain

Q&A Episode – Confessions 

Q&A Episode – What Children Can Teach Us About Marriage

Q&A Episode – Letting Go

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