Melanie and Seth take us back in time to investigate their nearly failed marriage and begin the process of uncovering why marriages really succeed and fail. They talk with author, speaker, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Leslie Vernick, as well as a mother of 6 who is going through a divorce, and older children of a divorced family.

It’s Finally Here!!!

Hello everyone, this is Melanie and Seth Studley and we are excited to finally be able to share the Stronger Marriages Podcast with you, a project that we have been working on with for an entire year!!!
This show walks through our nearly failed marriage as we explore and discuss what went wrong, why it went wrong, and how we could have done things differently. We interview couples who are going through their own struggles, dissect real life arguments and get advice from professionals in the fields of marriage, communication, sex and more.

 In Episode #1 titled, I Would Rather be Divorced, we go back in time to begin our investigation, we explore the reason why Seth , a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist said “I would rather be divorced.” We interview kids whose parents have just completed the divorce process, we talk to a mother of six who is just beginning that journey in her own marriage and we talk with Leslie Vernick about destructive relationships. 

The Stronger Marriages Podcast has been an amazing project so far and we feel beyond blessed to be on the journey. And while it is fun and exciting, it is also hard, scary and uncomfortable at times but we have grown SO MUCH in the process of creating this podcast and we hope that you will enjoy listening to it as much as we have enjoyed creating it! 

Come with us on this crazy journey and subscribe to the show today by clicking the button that says subscribe!   

We are going to share more pictures of behind the scenes moments and stories in this blog so please remember to visit often to learn about each episode and see what’s new in our lives! 

Here we are in a parking garage in Downtown Seattle after our first official Stronger Marriages Podcast meeting, we were SO EXCITED!!! We truly can’t believe that we went from nearly getting a divorce to creating a podcast about marriage, life it so CRAZY! 

We will see you next week to talk about episode #2, Marriage Starts at Birth and to share a little bit of what it is like to try and become an audio engineer in your spare time…YIKES!  

You all are amazing and I can’t wait till next week, if you have questions or want to share your thoughts and stories, find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @thestudleys. 

Till next week, 

Seth and Melanie 

Here is a video we made for Episode #1, ENJOY!

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