Season #1, Episode #2 – “Marriage Starts At Birth” – ANATOMY OF MARRIAGE

Season #1, Episode #2 – “Marriage Starts At Birth”

Episode #2 – “Marriage Starts At Birth” 

Seth and Melanie dive into the tangled world of Family of Origin and discover how deeply connected our marriages are to the lives and choices of our parents. They talk with Marriage and Relationship experts Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott, Dr. Claudia Grauf-Grounds Professor and director of clinical training and research at Seattle Pacific University, as well as Seth’s grandma and Melanie’s childhood neighbor Nichole and her husband Charlie.


From the desk of Seth & Melanie Studley

Episode # 2 Marriage Starts at Birth


We are only on week 2 but it has already been totally crazy, we interviewed Dr. Les and Leslie Parrot for this weeks episode and they are total rockstars in the marriage world, can you believe it?! 

They met us at the studio up in Seattle to talk about a handful of different topics for the Stronger Marriages Podcast and it was like a dream come true for us! 

Seth interviewd Dr. Claudia Grauf-Grounds at Seattle Pacific University and talked though the many ways that the family we grew up in shapes our relationships, and let me tell you, Family Of Origin is a really big deal, who knew?!

In Episode #2 Marriage Starts at Birth, we introduce the idea of Family of Origin and discover how deeply connected our marriages are to the lives and choices of our parents and the way that we were raised. We talk with Melanie’s childhood friend Nichole and her husband Charlie about how a small difference in family church styles can create big problems in a marriage.   

We also interview Seth’s grandma at an engagement party in South Carolina where she shares stories of her past that still shape our marriage today. 

 We also had fun recording narration with our Producer Matt Carter in our tiny (and very cramped) living room, Matt has spent this last year teaching Melanie how to be an audio engineer and it has been a wild ride.

We can’t wait to share what’s coming up in episode #3 and share more about the crazy adventures we had while creating the podcast!  

See you next week, 

-Seth and Melanie 

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