Melanie and Seth investigate the way that our experiences shape our marriages as they talk with couples about topics ranging from the loss of a parent at an early age, the diagnosis of autism, and domestic violence in the home, just to name a few. Joining them in this episode are Dr. Les and Leslie Parrot and Dr. Claudia Grauf-Grounds of Seattle Pacific University.


From the desk of Seth and Melanie Studley

Episode #4 “What do we do Now?” 

This week we investigate the way that our experiences shape our marriages…experiences like having an emergency appendectomy!!! 

In this picture my oldest son Mariner is helping me put on my socks as I finally got ready to leave the hospital! Not being able to bend down is NO FUN AT ALL! 

I sat down with my sister Keri and her husband Shawn for episode #4 and talked about the impact that it had on their marriage and family when they discovered that their youngest son had autism. 

Shawn also shared the story of how his father passed away from cancer when Shawn was just a kid and what that meant for his family growing up. 

 Joining us again this week are Dr. Les and Leslie Parrot and Dr. Claudia​ Grauf-Grounds of Seattle Pacific University to share the ways that experiences change us as individuals and how that change can manifest itself in our relationships. 

The idea for this episode came from my own experiences as a kid having my spleen removed after a traumatic accident at age 10 and how that has shaped the way that I view life and in turn the way I view marriage. 

And as if we weren’t busy enough with the Stronger Marriages Podcast, we started renovating our home! (sort of) It has been a long and very slow process but we finally tore out the wall in our kitchen (this picture was taken before the appendix problems, so it’s out of order, oops!) and now we are well on our way to having an open concept kitchen that we can’t wait to share with everyone! 

And yes our kids ALL had hammers, they might be little but that doesn’t mean they can’t work, right?  😉 

Let us know how you are liking the show, and we will see you next week!

-Melanie and Seth