Seth and Melanie run head first into the complex world of expectations with Nichole and Charlie who talk about family expectations. Ally, who shares what she expected of herself after becoming a wife. And some insightful kids who try to define the word expectation for Melanie. They are also joined by Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott and Dr. Caludia Grauf-Grounds.


From the desk of Seth and Melanie Studley

Episode #6 You Should Know This Already 

Things are getting CRAZY! We have been busy promoting the show and trying to spread the word about Stronger Marriages Podcast. Here is Seth recording live in the Bad Christian studios.    

Episode #6 is all about expectations, and y’all what a touchy subject. We sat down again with Melanie’s friends Nichole and Charlie and talked about the expectation that kids would come with marriage, then we talked to Ally, also Melanie’s friend, about the expectations that she had around what marriage would be like and how she thought becoming a wife would somehow transform her into a Disney Princess. Spoiler alert…it didn’t.

After some promotional work with Dave and Ashley Willis we completed episode #6 by asking Dr. Les and Leslie Parrott and Dr. Caludia Grauf-Grounds what they thought about the way that expectations can cause trouble in our marriages. 

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-Melanie and Seth