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Season #2 The Tools Of Marriage

Season #2 – Tools of Marriage

Tools of Marriage – “Self Awareness :

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Melanie and Seth are talking all about the tool of Self Awareness with amazing guests Cody Jefferson, Ryan Michler, and Dr. Gail Saltz. Together they talk through the issues that can arise when we do not know yourselves deeply and authentically.

Tools of Marriage – “Compassion & Forgiveness “

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This week Melanie and Seth explore the tools of Compassion and Forgiveness with amazing guests Robb and Jackie, who walk listeners through their journey of healing from an affair. They share their insights and wisdom all while being a beautiful example of real-life compassion and forgiveness at work.

Tools of Marriage – “Growth Mindset”

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Melanie and Seth tackle the often forgotten world of having a Growth Mindset in marriage. They talk with Dr. Gail Saltz who also appeared in episode #1 and they revisit a conversation from episode #9 of season one with Dr. Dan Siegel.

Tools Of Marriage – Q&A Episode #1

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Seth and I answer listener questions and a our very first listener voicemail!! This weeks questions include: How do you have a Growth Mindset around the topic of faith? How do you manage Expectations vs. Needs and feeling Needy? What is the difference between Biblical Counseling and Secular Therapy? We also talk about Nodal Events, Solution Focused Therapy and STOP THOUGHTS!

Bonus Episode – “Video Release + More! “

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Seth and I talk about the making of our mini documentary with Zoltan of Unseen Creative and how we were both a bit nervous that our kids would behave badly while filming it! Seth also shares some insight behind our Unexpected Special Episode that is all about Seth’s journey with Adult Attachment Disorder, a thing that he didn’t even realize he was struggling with until 2 days ago!

Bonus Episode – “Adult Attachment Disorder “

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Seth shares his unexpected journey into the world of Adult Attachment Disorder and y’all are gonna want to grab your tissues for this one. He cries, I cry, but it is worth all the runny mascara in the world to witness the understanding and healing that is taking place in Seth and in our marriage.  Tell us what you think about this episode and don’t forget to send in your questions!

Tools of Marriage – “Communication “

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Seth and I talk about the different ways that we communicate in relationships, everything from chemicals in newborn babies to the partial scapegoating that I do in our own marriage. We also try and figure out why our past communication attempts have often ended in conflict!  If you are having a difficult time communicating with your partner try our free Clearing Structure Pdf, print it and hang it on the bedroom wall if you have to, no shame!

Tools of Marriage – Q&A Episode #2

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Today Seth and I answer YOUR QUESTIONS about Addiction, Trust, Adult Attachment Disorder, How to unlearn the negative things that the church has taught us about Sex, How to deal with the emotional triggers that come with healing from hurtful confessions, and so much more!

Tools of Marriage – “Community”

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Seth and I explore the importance of Community in relationships. We hear from Beth, a listener who shares her story of how her community rallied around her and her daughter during a hard season in their life. Seth and I also talk about what the loss of our 10 year church community has meant to us and we share ways to build your own community.

Q&A Episode – Listener Questions: In-Laws, Family Of Origin & MORE!

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Seth and I answer your questions about in-laws, being a team in marriage, Family of Origin Issues and so much more!

Family Of Origin Video Pod: Genograms, Fusion, Triangulation, Expectations, Undifferentiated Family Ego Mass, And More

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Seth and I dive into his Marriage and Family Therapy text books to look at the Bowenian approach to Family Systems Therapy and how it applies to Family Of Origin.

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