Episode 42, Sex & Intimacy Series: 

Q&A Night Of Pleasure, Being A High Desire Wife, & Finding Your Path To Connection

On Today’s Listener Questions Episode Seth and I answer y’alls questions about how to create your very own Night Of Pleasure (N.O.P), why undressing in front of your husband can sometimes feel objectifying (well, to me anyway), and what to do if you are a high desire wife. We also talk about how we have changed during the Sex & Intimacy Series! To learn more about Dr. Tina’s Passion For Life Couples Intimacy Retreats head to nwioi.com/retreats/  seriously… DO IT!!!!! Also, please consider supporting our show financially by visiting www.patreon.com/anatomyofmarriage today! When you help us, we can help you!  And if you can’t donate financially please help us out by sharing our show with friends and family and rating and reviewing our show on iTunes.