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Thank you for these podcasts. I just recently listened to all of them. The presentation of the material is well done, informative and humorous. I am going to listen to them again. I am recommending them to everyone that I know.

skier1998 Jun 1, 2017


This was an incredibly well thought out and interesting podcast.The topics discussed gave me an in-depth lookInto the difficulties couples faceAnd the underlying complications. Thank you

Patrick McCrary Jun 17, 2017


Thank you guys so much for making this podcast. It has given me so much insight into my own marriage. Thanks so much!!

BrandonsMama15 Jun 25, 2017


This is not your typical marriage podcast. It’s so much better! I love the REALness. So so good.I recommend it to all my married friends.

ps986585 Aug 8, 2017


So grateful for you guys sharing your story so honestly – I’m so encouraged and challenged and feel like Iv’e got to make everyone I know listen to this!

Eltumino Aug 28, 2017


What can I say but, “Thank you.” After thirteen years of marriage our relationship had taken the backseat to work, kids and just life in general.  We’d certainly had our share of ups and downs over the years (multiple moves, job loss, financial issues and a special needs child to name a few) but we had always been able to work through the issues and come out on the other side.  Somehow this time was different.  It seemed like months and months of endless fighting and miscommunicating. Resentment was building and crippling our marriage, although not for a lack of trying.  So where did that leave us?  Should we just keep plugging through? Would it be better if we weren’t together, because we certainly weren’t happy despite our best efforts?  How could we possibly find the time to find a counselor and then find someone to watch our kids so we could get the help we so desperately needed?  Were we doomed to a loveless marriage for the rest of our lives? Heck, how did we even get to this point and what do we do now? God seemed to hear our cries and placed, “Stronger Marriages Podcast”, in our laps. 

After listening to Melanie and Seth be so transparent about the struggles in their relationship I felt so much less alone in our own situation.  They did not dole out advise about the “should” and “should not’s” of marriage, instead they walked through an analysis of how you get to the place that you’re at.  What you brought to the marriage, the good, the bad, the spoken, the unspoken and the preconceptions that dictated the path you went down without even being cognizant of it happening.  I was able to see how not only my behavior but my unspoken expectations of my husband were influencing our marriage and until I did some work on my end I couldn’t possibly work things out with him. That mind-shift alone was enough to bring about the change we needed to get us on the right path again.  We were able to have honest, real and respectful conversations that allowed us to grow together once again.  So, thank you for your work.  Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for the gift you gave our marriage.

Anonymous Oct 30, 2017


I LOVE this podcast! It has been so refreshing to hear some REAL talk about REAL struggles that most of us experience in one way or another, but no one talks about them. You guys rock! God bless.

nogirlsallowed4 Sep 18, 2017



This podcast was amazing! So much great information & really makes one think about their relationship, partner & especially themselves in a new way! So happy to hear about season two!!!! Thank you!

quinichols Oct 24, 2017


This podcast does a great job with the deepest levels of relationship and is able to break it down. It has helped me as I’ve become a wife to be kinder and loving as well as assertive.

Sammee Bean Jun 15, 2017